Edward Kleinbard

Ivadelle and Theodore Johnson Professor in Law and Business

My career has been unorthodox: I moved to academics after years of practicing tax law and working in the federal government in Washington D.C. When I set out to fulfill my dream of becoming a professor, the USC Law faculty evaluated me as a person, not an outlier data point. I was touched by the faculty's warmth and collegiality, and was grateful to be invited to become part of this wonderful institution.

The income tax is one of the few places where events in Washington directly touch almost every American. Since arriving, my tax research has emphasized two different themes: first, the intersection of the political process with tax policy, and second, the taxation of capital income. In all of my work I have drawn support from my extraordinary tax law colleagues on the faculty, and from the best law library staff in the country.

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Nina Ries

Nina Ries '01
Ries Law Group
The strongest impact USC Gould had on my career is through the loyal Trojan network.