John Korevec '15

Hometown: Neenah, WI
Undergrad: Fordham University

I was drawn to USC Gould after learning about the Trojan Network. I had a number of friends who went to USC for grad school and undergrad, and their descriptions of the strong alumni and student network—both socially and professionally—drove me to apply to USC. In addition, I wanted a school that offered a lot of opportunities to get real substantive work outside the classroom. I was particularly excited by USC’s wide variety of clinical and externship opportunities. Now a student at USC, I have designed my class, clinic, and work schedule in order to explore as many opportunities as possible. Law school has forced me to mature as a student and young professional, both in regards to my time management and ability to set effective goals. The wide range of opportunities offered at USC have helped me to guide and structure that growth.


68º F


John Peterson

John Peterson '95
Attorney, Riley Warnock & Jacobson
USC contacts opened the door for every opportunity that I have had in my legal career.