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Professor of Philosophy and Maurice Jones Jr. - Class of 1925 Professor of LawUSC Gould School of Law

Andrei Marmor
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Andrei Marmor is director of the USC Center for Law & Philosophy. He is editor-in-chief of the Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy, an on-line peer-reviewed journal in moral, political and legal philosophy.

A prolific author on issues concerning the relations between law morality and politics, Professor Marmor has written Interpretation and Legal Theory (Oxford University Press, 1992; Hart Publishing, 2005); Positive Law & Objective Values (Oxford University Press 2001); Law in the Age of Pluralism (Oxford University Press, 2007);  Social Conventions (Princeton University Press, 2009), Philosophy of Law (Princeton, 2011); and numerous journal articles.

Professor Marmor earned his B.A. and M.A. in philosophy, as well as his LL.B., from Tel Aviv University and earned his DPhil from Oxford University. He was a professor at Tel Aviv University, Israel, and taught as a visiting professor at several universities before joining the USC Law and Philosophy faculties in 2002.


Professor Marmor's SSRN Page:


* The Language of Law, Oxford University Press (forthcoming, 2014).

* editor,  The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Law, Routledge Philosophy Companions, (2012)

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* Philosophy of Law, Chinese edition, forthcoming by Peking University Press (2014).

* Social Conventions: from language to law

            Chinese edition, forthcoming by CUPL Press, China (2014).
            Portuguese edition, forthcoming by Editoria Saraiva, Brazil (2014).

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Contributions to Books

• "Introduction: Differences Amid Uniformity: Some Reflections on Legal Cultures," in Courts, Interpretation, The Rule of Law (Miodrag A. Jovanovic and Kenneth E. Himma, eds.) (Eleven International Publishing, 2014).

• 'Varieties of Vageuness in the Law", working paper, forthcoming in Handbook of Legal Reasoning, (Springer, 2013).

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Articles in Hebrew

• “Judicial Review in Israel.” 4 Mishpat Umimshal-- Law and Government in Israel 133 (1997).

• “On Legislative Authority and Unintentional Legislation: A Reply to Professor Waldron.” 21 Tel Aviv University Law Review 63 (1997).

• “On the Limits of Democracy: Israeli Politics in the Aftermath of Rabin’s Assassination.” The Yearbook on Israeli Law 1 (1996-1997).

• “Postcript to the Concept of Law.” 27 Mishpatim: The Hebrew University Law Review 91 (1996).

• “The Frozen Embryos of the Nachmani Couple: A Reply to Chaim Gans.” 19 Tel Aviv University Law Review 433 (1995).

• “Legislative Intent and the Authority of Law.” 16 Tel Aviv University Law Review 593 (1991).

Book Reviews

• Law and Disagreement and The Dignity of Legislation, by Jeremy Waldron. 112 Ethics 410 (January 2002).

Other Works

• “The Pure Theory of Law.” The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (peer-reviewed web-based encyclopedia) (2002).

• “The Nature of Law.” The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (peer-reviewed web-based encyclopedia) (2001).


Interpretation in Legal Theory. D.Phil. dissertation at Oxford University (Balliol College), 1990.