Shmuel Leshem

Associate Professor of LawUSC Gould School of Law

Shmuel Leshem
699 Exposition Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90089-0074 USA

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last updated Tue, Jan 7, 2014

Shmuel Leshem’s scholarship focuses on law and economics. He teaches Law and Economics, Corporate Finance, and Business Organizations.

Professor Leshem received an LL.B. (law and economics) and an M.B.A from the Hebrew University, and an LL.M. and a JSD from New York University School of Law. He joined USC Law in fall 2006.


  • "Bargaining around Cost-Benefit Standards," forthcoming in the Journal of Public Economics (with Ehud Guttel).
  • "Buying the Right to Harm," forthcoming in the Southern California Law Review (with Ehud Guttel).
  • “The Uneasy Case of Multiple Injurers’ Liability," forthcoming in Theoretical Inquires in Law 15(2) (with Ehud Guttel).
  • "First-Purchase Rights: Rights of First Refusal and Rights of First Offer," American Law and Economics Review 12(2), pp. 331-337 (2012) (with Marcel Kahan and Rangarajan Sundaram; lead article).  - (PDF)
  • "Commitment versus Flexibility in Enforcement Games," The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics  12(1): Article 18 (Contributions) (with Avi Tabbach). - (PDF)
  • "A Signaling Theory of Lockups in Mergers," 47 Wake Forest Law Review 101-124 (2012). - (PDF)
  • "The Benefits of a Right to Silence for the Innocent,"  RAND Journal of Economics, 41(2), pp. 398-416 (2010) - (PDF); Technical Appendix - (PDF).
  • "Contingent Fees, Signaling and Settlement Authority." Review of Law & Economics, Vol. 5 (2009), pp. 435-460. - (PDF)
  • All-or-Nothing versus Proportionate Damages,” Journal of Legal Studies 38 pp. 345-382 (2009) (with Geoff Miller) - (PDF); Technical Appendix - (PDF).

Other Works

  • "Optimal Allocation of Joint Liability" (with Ehud Guttel).
  • "Solving the Volunteer's Dilemma: The Efficiency of Rewards versus Punishments" (with Avi Tabbach). - (SSRN)
  • "A Signaling Theory of Termination Fees in Mergers." - (SSRN)

Book Chapters

  • "Attorney-Client Confidentiality," in Procedural Law and Economics (Chris W. Sanchirico, volume ed., 2011) (Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, Vol. X, Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, 2nd ed. 2009-2011) (with Gillian Hadfield).