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Negotiation Skills     LAW-845

As a lawyer, you will probably negotiate more than you do anything else. You will negotiate not just cases, but nearly any time you need something that you cannot get alone. You will negotiate with lawyers and principals on the other side, clients and their representatives on your side, and third parties. You will negotiate with your boss, your co-workers, providers of goods or services, the government, and the court. And, of course, you will negotiate with your family and friends, and even yourself.

This course is designed to: (1) develop your understanding of negotiation, and your awareness of yourself as a negotiator; (2) give you some tools and concepts for preparing for and analyzing negotiations; (3) enhance your negotiating skills through frequent (weekly) role plays, reflection and feedback; and (4) teach you how to keep learning from your own negotiating experience. In addition to developing negotiation skills and studying theory, you will be introduced to issues of legal representation, ethics, and the place of negotiation in our legal system.

Units 2, 3
Grading Options Numeric or CR/D/F
Exam Type Paper
Writing Requirement No
Skills/Experiential Requirement Yes
Enrollment Limit 24

Grading Options: vary with the professor

Note: Due to a substantial overlap in content, students may not enroll in both LAW-712: Negotiation Theory and Application and LAW-845: Negotiation Skills.

Professors Teaching This Course