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Patent Drafting and Prosecution     LAW-838

Students learn how to prepare and prosecute U.S. patent applications, as well as an overview of post-grant proceedings and design and foreign patent prosecution.

Students will learn how to:

  • Prepare effective U.S. utility patent applications (classes 1-6). As part of this, each student will draft patent claims and a complete patent application.
  • Prosecute U.S. utility patent applications through grant and key considerations along the way (classes 7-12).
  • Respond effectively to rejections of U.S. utility patent applications (classes 8-12). As part of this, each student will draft a complete response to a real patent office action rejection.
  • Interview patent examiners concerning rejections of U.S. utility patent applications (class 11). As part of this, each student will draft a request for a patent examiner interview, participate in a (mock) patent examiner interview, and draft a summary of that interview.
  • Determine best approach for amending and/or strengthening granted patents (class 13).

  • Recognize opportunities for and consequences of challenging third-party patents in patent office (class 13).

  • Recognize opportunities for design patents (class 14)

  • Plan and schedule foreign counterpart patent prosecution (class 14).

Units 3
Grading Options Numeric or CR/D/F
Exam Type In-class Exam
Writing Requirement No
Skills/Experiential Requirement Yes
Recommended Preparation Patent Law (LAW 810)

Grading Options: vary with the professor

Professors Teaching This Course