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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic all events will be held from 12:00-1:00 pm via Zoom unless otherwise stated.

For Zoom participant information, please contact the department of Academic Operations AcademicOperations@law.usc.edu.

Online copies can be downloaded by clicking the title of the paper below as they become available. When not available for download, copies will be emailed to members of the CLASS email list. To join the list, please click here.

(Please note that some topics are to be announced)

Spring 2023

  • January 09 - Anthony Moffa (Maine)

    Title: “Strength in Numbers (of words): Empirical Analysis of Preambles and Public Comments”

  • January 23 - David Hirshleifer (USC Marshall)

    Title: “A Tour of Behavioral Finance.”
    *Jointly sponsored by Social Science/ Psychology Workshop Brown Bag Series

  • January 30 - Barak Richman (Duke)

    Title: Statelessness in an Era of Nationalism: The Diamond Cartel and the Nazi War Machine”

  • February 06 - Abby Wood (USC)

    Title: “Institutions, Risk, and Categories: The Political Economy of Essential Work”

  • February 13 - Dorothy Lund (USC)

    Title: “Corporate Purpose in a Second-Best World."

  • February 27 - Roseanna Sommers (Michigan)

    Title: “Virtuous Victims and Adjacent Consent”
    CONTENT WARNING**CONTENT WARNING Sexual Violence will be discussed

  • March 06 - Mike Simkovic (USC)

    Title: "Natural-Person Shareholder Voting"

  • March 20 - Peter Ditto (UCI)

    Title: “Partisan Bias and Its Discontents”
    *Jointly sponsored by Social Science/ Psychology Workshop Brown Bag Series

  • March 27 - Katerina Linos (Berkeley)

    Title: "Dynamic Diffusion"

  • April 03 - Yaron Nili (Wisconsin)

    Title: “Peer Group Governance”

  • April 10 - Jordan Barry (USC) & Danny Sokol (USC)

    Title: “Data Valuation and Law”

  • April 17 - Emily Ryo (USC)

    Title: "TBA"

  • April 24 - Matt Shaffer (USC)

    Title: "TBA"

Fall 2022

  • August 22 - Kathy Zeiler (Boston)

    Title: The Transparency of Quantitative Empirical Legal Research (2018–2020)

  • August 29 - Melissa F. Wasserman (Texas)

    Title: “Deadlines versus Continuous Incentives: Evidence from the Patent Office.”

  • September 12 - Emily Ryo (USC)

    Title: “Judicial Independence in Immigration Courts”

  • September 19 - Matt Shaffer (Marshall)

    Title: “Contentious Valuations: Financial Reports as Schelling Points.”

  • October 03 - Eyal Zamir (Hebrew University, visiting at USC Gould)

    Title: “Biases in Legal Decision Making: Comparing Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys, Law Students, and Laypersons”.

  • October 10 - Daria Roithmayr (USC)

    Title: “Detecting the Network Spread of Police Shooting in the Chicago Police Department”

  • October 17 - Stephanie Tully (USC Marshall)

    Title: "Psychological Ownership of Money"

  • October 24 - Angela Zhang (Hong Kong)

    Title: "HAPPY: How China Regulates Tech and Beyond"""

  • October 31 - Hillel Bavli (SMU Dedman School of Law)

    Title: "Character Evidence as a Conduit for Implicit Bias"

  • November 07 - Jeffery Zhang (Michigan)

    Title: "Protecting the Sovereign's Money Monopoly."

  • November 14 - Dolores Albarracin (Penn)

    Title: “Communicating Behavior: Bottom-Up Processes of Social Influence”
    *Jointly sponsored by Social Science/ Psychology Workshop Brown Bag Series

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