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The student-run organizations at USC Gould reflect the diversity, altruism and leadership of our student body while offering numerous opportunities for extracurricular learning, networking, community service and socializing.

All students enrolled in the JD, LLM and other graduate law programs are members of the Student Bar Association, which ensures your voice is heard by the school's administration and helps new enrollees adjust to the law school experience. Students also are encouraged to form new organizations or plan social or academic events at the school.

American Constitution Society (ACS)

The American Constitution Society (ACS) believes that law should be a force to improve the lives of all people. The group works for positive change by shaping debate on vitally important legal and constitutional issues through development and promotion of high-impact ideas to opinion leaders and the media; by building networks of lawyers, law students, judges and policymakers dedicated to those ideas; and by countering the activist conservative legal movement that has sought to erode our enduring constitutional values. By bringing together powerful, relevant ideas and passionate, talented people, ACS makes a difference in the constitutional, legal and public policy debates that shape our democracy.


Armenian Law Students Association (ALSA)

The Armenian Law Students Association provides mentorship and networking opportunities, offers a forum to discuss common interests, fosters academic and professional advancement, and promotes Armenian culture.


Association for International Students of Law (AISL)

The Association for International Students of Law (AISL) aims to connect international students in the JD and G&IP programs. It also aims to provide academic, professional, and social support for those in the international community at Gould.


Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA)

The Asian Pacific American Law Students Association promotes equality and social progress for Asian Pacific American students on campus and throughout the greater legal community nationally.


The Barbara F. Bice Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF)

The Barbara F. Bice Public Interest Law Foundation promotes social justice lawyering, equal access to the law and the empowerment of underrepresented communities by providing pro bono clinic opportunities at local organizations, hosting lectures and events on key issues, and supporting students in public interest work over the summer through a grant program.

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Black Law Students Association (BLSA)

The Black Law Students Association provides guidance, assistance and support academically, professionally and socially through mentorship, community study materials, mock exams for 1Ls, group study sessions, community service projects and outreach, events and guest speakers, an annual banquet and networking opportunities. All students are welcome.


Business Law Digest (BLD)

The Business Law Digest (BLD) is a business law practice journal that provides advice on current issues faced by corporate clients and their respective legal advisors. USC is the first law school in the nation to offer a practitioner-focused advisory. Each semester, students will choose a business-related topic, conduct research, and write a 5-7 page advisory article that may be published in BLD. This opportunity is an excellent way for students interested in business law to write about contemporary business and legal issues in a format understood and utilized by attorneys in their everyday practice, as well as to gain recognition by having their name and work appear before USC alumni working in law firms across the country. Students will receive one C/R/DF unit of credit as part of their work for BLD.


Business Law Society

The Business Law Society enhances students' practical knowledge and skills in commercial transactions by hosting panel discussions and other events with corporate leaders, creating workshops and online resources, compiling databases and publishing newsletters.


Cannabis Law Society

The purpose of Cannabis Law Society is to educate students and foster discussions on current legal issues and policies regarding cannabis on both a local and national level.


Chinese Law Student Alumni Association

The Chinese Law Student Alumni Association (CLSAA) seeks to explore the academic and career issues related to Chinese and American law, and to connect interested Gould students. We also try to facilitate the legal career development of current Gould students by providing information on job opportunities in America and China and connecting students with alumni practicing in China. We aim to develop a strong Chinese alumni network for the benefit of all Gould students.


Consumer Advocacy and Protection Society

Do you know what's on your credit report? Many people don't! Credit report, consumer debt and student loans are among the many topics that fall under consumer law. The Consumer Advocacy and Protection Society at USC is dedicated to fostering research and discussion in the field of consumer protection law and to advocate for economic justice. We are committed to strengthening ties between consumer law groups and the USC Gould law community as an official student organization of National Association of Consumer Advocates.


Criminal Law Society

The Criminal Law Society provides resources and opportunities to encourage students to better position themselves for careers in the field of criminal law, including informational meetings, guest lectures, discussion panels, employment forums, fundraisers and social events.


Energy & Environmental Law Society (EELS)

The Energy & Environmental Law Society brings together students interested in environmental and energy law, green energy policies and social justice issues, offering events with prominent law firms and attorneys, tours with nonprofit and public environmental organizations, networking events with local energy firms and community service activities. The group also organizes social activities and explores overlapping legal disciplines, including real estate law, land use controls, water law and construction law.


Entertainment Law Society (ELS)

The Entertainment Law Society helps prepare students for the wide range of legal careers within the entertainment industry through exposure to professionals who discuss current topics and trends in the field, networking events with alumni and career development opportunities, including educational and networking programs with the USC School of Cinematic Arts, and hands-on experience through internships.

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Fashion and Beauty Law Society

The Fashion and Beauty Law Society connects the USC Gould community to the fashion and beauty industries. FBLS will host networking opportunities and bring in alumni guest speakers to share their experiences in the fashion and beauty industries.


Federalist Society

The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies unites conservatives and libertarians dedicated to the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom, that separation of powers is central to our Constitution, and that the judiciary's duty is to say what the law is, not what it should be.


First Generation Professionals

The First Generation Professionals student organization seeks to provide community and resources for students who are the first in their family to pursue a professional career. We do so by hosting social events, facilitating mentorship, and providing additional resources. Our goal is for FGP students to believe that they belong at Gould, as well as to provide networking opportunities that are essential to a successful legal career.


Gould Art Law Society (GALS)

The Gould Art Law Society (GALS) is a community for those interested in the intersection of art, law, education and social justice.

GALS explores the effect of law on the expression, sale and exhibition of art, focusing on contemporary visual art practices and cultural property. Members will enjoy engaging with the arts community within USC and the greater Los Angeles area. GALS creates social events for Gould law students, and also hosts panel discussions with attorneys, artists and legal scholars.


Gould Christian Fellowship (GCF)

Gould Christian Fellowship (GCF) seeks to provide a spiritual home for students at the law school and foster an environment in which students can grow in the Christian faith together. GCF connects students to local churches, holds regular meetings for Bible study or prayer, and hosts other types of fellowship.


Gould Dispute Resolution Society (GDRS)

The Gould Dispute Resolution Society focuses on creating and promoting educational and practical opportunities in dispute resolution, while also exploring favorable networking possibilities to build relationships between students and professionals in the field. The GDRS works to help develop professionals who can masterfully use the dispute resolution process, in all its forms, to benefit clients, the legal community and society as a whole.


Health Law Society

The Health Law Society aims to raise awareness of what this area of the law encompasses as well as to facilitate discussion and exploration of trending legal issues in the health care field. The group provides students with the opportunity to connect with industry leaders through panels, mixers and a mentorship program with health care attorneys. It also promotes on-campus mental and physical health through initiatives such as outdoor yoga sessions, volunteer opportunities and study breaks.


Intellectual Property & Technology Law Society (IPTLS)

The Society addresses all facets of intellectual property law and the rapid changes in technology driving its evolution, encompassing patent, trademark, copyright, trade secrets and other areas that form the foundations of practice areas such as entertainment law.


International Law & Relations Organization (ILRO)

The group advances student pursuits and interests in international law and relations by promoting understanding and relationships across nations, supporting the JD/LLM Partnership Program, holding international-career panels and hosting notable guest speakers.


International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP)

The International Refugee Assistance Project helps refugees escape harm and persecution by providing legal representation and policy advocacy, as well as supporting them through the resettlement process in the United States.


The Jane Bolin Project

The Jane Bolin Project is a student-led diversity initiative. We are running a campaign for equality in the legal profession by asking GCs of America's largest companies to commit to a diversity rider. We believe that increasing the diversity of the legal field will aid not only law students and current lawyers but will improve the productivity and work at our partner corporations.


Jewish Law Students Association (JLSA)

The Jewish Law Students Association fosters involvement in the Jewish community at USC and in Los Angeles, offering programming of social, cultural, religious and legal significance. The organization also brings in notable speakers, sponsors academic programs and community service events, and holds networking events.


Latinx Law Students Association (LLSA)

The Latinx Law Students Association provides academic support, scholarships and community service opportunities for Latino law students, as well as networking events and an alumni director to foster professional ties long after graduation. The organization is open to all law students.


Law Students for Better Health (LSBH)

Law Students for Better Health is dedicated to ensuring law students have the tools and resources needed to confront challenges associated with attending law school. Throughout the semester, LSBH hosts events that promote general wellness while also providing stress management tips for law school success. LSBH helps provide students in crisis with assistance to succeed in law school.


Legal Aid Alternative Break (LAAB)

Established in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Legal Aid Alternative Break enables students to build legal experience during spring break by volunteering to help vulnerable communities in the Gulf region. Winter break opportunities are also available throughout Southern California.


Legal Technology Association

The purpose of this organization is to educate and expose USC law students to the evolving legal technology industry through networking events, speaker panels and lunch-and-learns. The legal landscape is changing rapidly in response to technology. The best firms and strongest practicing attorneys will adapt to this new environment. The Legal Technology Association (LTA) provides law students with informative events and developments in legal technology they can use to enhance their legal skills and abilities. Law firms are becoming leaner, with greater focus on productivity and efficiency. The LTA ensures that USC students enter firms ahead of the curve.


Middle Eastern and North African Law Student Association (MENALSA)

The Middle Eastern and North African Law Student Association promotes equality and social progress for Middle Eastern & North African students on campus through community, resources, and networking events.


Music Law Society (MLS)

The Music Law Society aims to expose students interested in music and entertainment law to the gamut of current trends and issues within the field, focusing on building the foundation of practical knowledge and skills needed to excel in their respective careers and the industry in general. The group aspires to not only enhance law students' familiarity with the intricacies of legal issues in the music industry, but also to provide networking and career-building opportunities not found anywhere else. This is achieved through alumni events, panel discussions with experienced professionals in the music industry, as well as mixers with other organizations and programs at USC.


National Lawyers Guild

Through the USC student chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, members promote public interest lawyering, serve as legal observers at protests in the Los Angeles region, support USC workers in improving their employment conditions and participate in activities organized by the Guild's Los Angeles chapter.


Native American Law Students Association (NALSA)

The purpose of the Native American Law Students Association is to support the advancement of indigenous persons in the legal community and society at large, promote learning and knowledge by encouraging students to develop scholarship in Native American legal issues, and encourage understanding and cooperation between Native Americans and other students concerning legal issues of great significance to all.



Outlaw promotes equality, social progress, and the interests of gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, intersex, and questioning students on campus and throughout the greater legal community by engaging in both local and national networking efforts, offering mentorship to 1L students, and exploring legal issues within the LGBTQIA space.


Older Wiser Law Students (OWLS)

OWLS provides a community at Gould for those who self-identify as a non-traditional student. Whether you've taken time off between undergrad and law school, had a prior career, have a partner and/or children, or just feel like an old soul, OWLS can provide you with resources and advice to make the transition to law school life seamless and fulfilling.


Phi Alpha Delta

The preeminent law fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta advances integrity, compassion and courage through service to the student, the school, the legal profession and the community.


Privacy and Cybersecurity Law Society (PCLS)

The Privacy and Cybersecurity Law Society informs students about privacy law and cybersecurity and related legal careers. PCLS provides students with opportunities to learn and connect with industry professionals and experts through networking and educational events to enhance understanding of emerging privacy and cybersecurity legal topics.


Real Estate Law Society

The Real Estate Law Society offers social, networking and professional development events that expose students to real estate practice and introduce them to Los Angeles-based leaders in the field.


South Asian Law Student Association (SALSA)

South Asian Law Student Association (SALSA) is dedicated to creating a supportive community among students of South Asian heritage as well as those interested in South Asia. SALSA aims to promote discussion and awareness of the South Asian legal community by organizing various social and professional events and by developing connections with the South Asian Bar Association (SABA).


Sports Law Society

The Sports Law Society hosts events featuring sports law professionals, helps identify career opportunities in the field, and provides networking opportunities and an environment in which students can socialize and discuss relevant issues.


Street Law

Street Law enables members to share the law's importance with others by developing an ethic of community involvement and connecting them with area middle and high school students to provide mentorship. Street Law also hosts a Mentor Day when local students visit USC.


Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF)

The Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF) at the USC Gould School of Law is devoted to enhancing the welfare and legal status of all nonhuman animals. Our primary goal is to educate ourselves and others concerning the issues and laws that affect animals and to influence positive change. SALDF provides a forum for education, advocacy and scholarship, aiming to both protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system while striving to raise the profile of animal law. SALDF coordinates opportunities for animal law pro bono work, community service and activism while holding informative and celebratory events throughout the year that promote critical thinking about animals' various relationship to humans and our legal duties to those animals. Whether you're interested in a career in animal law or simply want to join the number of growing voices concerned about animals' well-being, join us!


Women's Law Association

The Women's Law Association supports the advancement of women in the legal community and society at large, providing resources and support that include a peer mentor program, panel discussions with female leaders in various legal fields, and frequent alumni and social events.


The Womxn of Color Collective (WOCC)

The Womxn (the x is intentional) of Color Collective (WOCC) is a student organization that provides women of color a space and platform to share their experiences and participate in activism related to race, class, and gender-based issues. WOCC is an inclusive and empowering coalition that celebrates the sisterhood and solidarity among womxn of color who embody diversity and excellence. The organization is open to all students and provides workshops and events that empower womxn of color.


Undergraduate Student Organizations

USC Gould Affiliation: Undergraduate Student Organization Guide

USC Gould is pleased to provide leadership, guidance and support to undergraduate student organizations across campus who have sought affiliation with and been approved by the USC Gould Office of Undergraduate Law. They include:

Corporate Law & Financial Regulation Association (CLFRA)

The Corporate Law & Financial Regulation Association (CLFRA) is a USC community organization open to all undergraduate students in any major, dedicated to educating undergraduate USC students about the fields of law and business through an immersive approach. Implementing guest panel discussions with corporate lawyers, hands-on legal writing activities and navigating international law and business transactions. CLFRA ensures an authentic and rewarding approach to the fields of law and business. Moreover, the organization engages in services with real client work, which includes the process of business deals.

CLFRA was founded during the 2018-2019 school year in an effort to provide a space for legal and business minds to congregate and improve upon their technical skills, while also learning more about their future professions through interactive panels and projects. The vision of the organization is to engage with all forward-thinking undergraduate USC students and progress through challenging and rewarding career-focused projects.

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Food Recovery Network of USC (FRN)

The Food Recovery Network of USC is dedicated to combating food insecurity and food waste on campus and in the surrounding community. Our objectives are to shift USC dining policies with support from USC Auxiliary Services, conduct cooking demonstrations with EBT budget-friendly recipes, and recover surplus food on campus to donate to partner agencies.

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Journal of Law and Society at USC (JLS)

The University of Southern California Journal of Law and Society is a student-run, interdisciplinary Journal that promotes outstanding undergraduate scholarship. Guided by top faculty members at the University of Southern California, papers selected for publication undergo a rigorous editing process by undergraduate students at USC to ensure that each paper is of the highest quality. The USC Journal of Law and Society seeks to publish papers from a wide range of disciplines that reflect diverse viewpoints, and strives to promote greater awareness and understanding of the legal field.

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Southern California Moot Court

The purpose of this organization is to allow students to better their oral and written advocacy skills in the context of appellate-style litigation to prepare them for law school and for a career as an advocate. The program is intended to be accessible to all undergraduate students who are interested in law school.

Moot Court, by its very nature, teaches you how to "think like a lawyer" - a skill that law schools and law practitioners alike find critical to legal practice. It's the ability to come to legal conclusions by looking at a set of facts, then looking at applicable law and, ultimately, applying the law to the facts.

Beyond training our members with the skills necessary to thrive in competition, our mission is to train advocates to win real cases for real clients, making a real difference in American jurisprudence.

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USC Phi Alpha Delta (USC PAD)

USC Phi Alpha Delta (PAD) is the University of Southern California's premier Pre-Law society, focused on the pre-law development and journey of USC undergraduate and graduate students. USC PAD offers unique professional development resources, including resume workshops, law school admissions panels, networking events, and speaker meetings with professionals in the legal field while also promoting bonding between members through social events and peer mentorship.

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USC Society of Women in Law (USC SWIL)

USC Society of Women in Law (SWIL) is USC's first and only female-empowering, pre-law society. The organization provides a friendly and safe environment for members to explore the legal industry. USC SWIL hosts events ranging from female lawyer panels on various legal practices, to LSAT and law school application assistance as well as various member bonding activities to accomplish this goal.

The mission of USC SWIL is to foster a community of female-identifying undergraduate, pre-law students as a platform for networking, and exploring possibilities of a law school education and/or legal career.

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